Ally has intractable generalized epilepsy, ASD, pika, and is developmentally delayed. Periwinkle (aka Perry) is a multipurpose service dog from 4 Paws for Ability that is trained for seizure alert, tracking, behavior disruptions, and tethering. She is able to detect a seizure by scent up to 10 hrs before one starts. When the seizure occurs, Perry barks to alert Ally's parents.

Perry can also assist with tracking. When Ally runs off, Perry can find her.  Behavior disruptions are used when Ally is doing something she shouldn't or when she is very overwhelmed. Perry with nuzzle (uses her nose to nudge your hand or arm), lap (lay head on ally's body), over (Perry puts her legs and head over part of Ally and lays down. It gives a deep pressure sense that most kids like Ally need for sensory purposes).

Tethering is extremely useful! Ally wears a harness that is attached to Perry's harness by a stretchable tether. As she walk around stores, fairs, hospitals, parking lots, etc, it keeps her from running away into danger.   But that's not all...Perry gets worried when Ally walks too far away from her situations away from home, is always comforting Ally when she cries, and always has an eye on her. If Ally goes to the basement, Perry lays at the stairs to listen for her.   She will also wake up Ally's parents if Ally is seizing or if she leaves her bed at night.



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