Read the gracious letter that was sent from our overseas contact.

Hi Beloved in the Lord,

I lack words to express my gratitude for the tears I saw on my special children and the guardians as they received the wheelchairs. They came carrying these children. One small wheelchair belongs to Nicksper who was ailing and his mother could not come. You see us outside a school compound because we could not afford to pay rent at our office so our landlord locked us out, but my joy is to see these children live normal lives even if we will meet under a tree.

To our Angel Lexi in Heaven, may people want our project to be named after you but this will be if your parents will agree. They now want it called 'Angle Lexi's Friends' or 'Angel Lexi Special Unit'. They are so happy that you connected us. To Kristy, your family and the Board, we lack words to thank you enough. We are praying for you.

Thank you and God bless you.


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