• Family Fun Events

    Always a Good Time
    Family fun events are planned throughout the year to gather together children with special needs and their families in a way to enjoy time together in a low stress and cheerful environment.

  • Equipment Closet

    Lexi's Closet Update  
    We have donated all of our durable medical equipment and supplies to Riddick's Ride. To see what's available, please visit their website at www.riddicksride.org or call them directly, at 800-651-9629

  • The Story of Lexi Kazian

    A Brave Little Girl
    Learn the story of Lexi Kazian, a little girl who is currently helping from heaven to improve the comfort and quality of life for children with special needs all over the world.


Getting Assistance

Obtaining therapy equipment for your child with special needs is expensive.  In the past we have provided grant assistance to select applicants. Due to financial reasons, we are not accepting grants at this time. If you are in need of equipment, please check out Lexi's Closet, where families and therapists can view a wide selection of inventory items to try out.